Best Time To Go To The Gym
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When Is The Best Time To Go To The Gym?

If you constantly debate your gym routine and struggle to answer, “When is the best time to go to the gym?” This article is for you.

Gym enthusiasts swear by sticking to a morning gym routine, but sometimes, your snooze alarm wins. After all, not everyone is a morning person, and lifting weights on a little sleep isn’t ideal.

However, an evening gym routine may be overwhelming due to the gym’s peak hours. In such a scenario, “When is the best time to work out?”

The answer to this question depends on many factors, such as your personal routine, your fitness goals, and your preferences.

This article will cover everything about the best time of day to go to the gym and what to do if the gym is busy.

Stay with us!

Understanding Gym Peak Hours

You will solve half of your gym-related problems if you understand gym peak hours. Every gym tends to be the busiest after work hours, in the late afternoon and early evening. As a result, you may have to face crowded equipment, limited space for floor exercises, and longer wait times.

Now, this is fine for some people. While most people cannot stand crowded gyms (imagine queuing up to the squat rack!) That’s mostly because serious fitness enthusiasts prefer a good workout and want to take full advantage of the space and equipment when it’s almost empty.

Therefore, to plan an effective workout routine, understand the gym’s peak hours and plan your routine accordingly. Here’s a rough idea for peak hours:

  1. Early mornings right before work or mid-day after lunchtime
  2. During the 5 pm rush hour
  3. Weekly trends (Mondays, Sundays, the weekend, etc.)

Note: The busiest time at the gym depends on your location and the type of your gym. Therefore, always consult with the staff before finalizing your gym routine.

The Perfect Time to Hit the Gym: Morning, Noon, or Night?

As mentioned earlier, there’s no perfect time to hit the gym. It all depends on your preferences and goals. First of all, your chronotype, whether you’re a morning person or a night owl.

Hitting the gym in the morning, noon, or at night can be an ideal time for you only if it fits your goals.

when is the best time to workout

Morning Gym Routine and Its Benefits

If you’re a morning person, morning is the best time of day to work out for you. Not only will you start your day more energetic and productive, but you will also have the leverage to experience the off-peak hours at the gym.

Here are some pros and cons of hitting the gym in the morning.


  1. The gym is less crowded
  2. You may burn fat instantly due to the fasted exercise
  3. Regular exercise in the morning boosts your metabolism for the day


  • Not ideal if you’re NOT a morning person
  • If you have health conditions, working out on an empty stomach might not be suitable for you.

Is Lunchtime the Best Time for Your Gym Workout?

If morning is not the best time of day to go to the gym for you, consider hitting the gym during lunchtime.

It’s also an excellent way to escape from your workload and make time for the gym to take a fitness break to boost your energy levels and increase your creativity and productivity at work.

Also, the gym during the lunch hours is less crowded, so you’ll find ample space and free equipment to work out.

However, since lunch breaks are shorter, consider doing high-intensity workouts for effective results and feeling more energized and refreshed.


  1. The gym is less crowded
  2. You can relieve stress after work at the gym


  1. It may interfere with work schedule and meetings
  2. Little workout time

Evening Workout and its Benefits

If you want to hit the gym after work, an evening workout routine is the best for you. However choosing an evening workout routine comes with pros and cons.


  1. The gym is less crowded post-work hours
  2. It’s a great stress buster after a long day at work
  3. It improves the quality of your sleep


  1. Your energy levels might be too low for a workout after work
  2. Your family time and social events may get compromised
  3. Some people find it hard to sleep after evening workouts

Weekend Gym Timing

Weekends are usually the most crowded time to hit the gym. Long queues for the equipment and little space for workouts. What a nightmare!

However, if you’re too determined to hit the gym on weekends, avoid the peak hours between 9 AM to 12 PM. Try going earlier in the morning or after lunchtime when there’s little to no crowd.

Note: Ask your gym staff if they have ongoing promotions or discounts for weekend hours and take advantage of them!

What To Do If The Gym Is Busy?

What if you don’t find time to work during the off-peak hours? Should you consider skipping the gym because of the crowd? Never!

A busy gym should never derail your workout. Here are a few things you can do to deal with the peak hours.

  1. If your desired gym equipment is not free, try alternative exercises for various body parts.
  2. Use bodyweight exercises and combine different exercises to maximize your performance.
  3. Share equipment and weights with your fellow gym members and return the favor once your set is done.
  4. If every piece of equipment is occupied, enjoy a 30-minute brisk walk outside.

The best advice to avoid peak hours is to go off-peak if your schedule allows it!

Factors Impacting the Best Time for Gym Workouts

If your friend is having the best time at the gym in the morning, it’s not necessary that you should too.

Deciding what is the best time to exercise depends on many factors, including:

what time is the best time to workout

Your Work Schedule

You cannot leave or skip your work for the sake of off-peak hours at the gym. But you can adjust your gym hours into your routine, so nothing gets disturbed.

If you can squeeze in a workout before work, consider hitting at the gym first thing in the morning. However, if you need the gym as a post-work stress reliever, late evenings are an ideal choice.


If you’re an introvert and stay away from crowded areas, avoid evenings and weekends, as they tend to be the most crowded times at the gym.

However, if you don’t mind the crowd, choose a routine that fits your needs.

Energy Levels

Energy levels play an essential role. If you’re a morning person, hitting the gym at night or late evening would be the worst decision of your life. You should always align your workout with your peak energy to boost performance.

Fitness Goals

Choosing the ideal time to go to the gym depends on your fitness goals. For example, if you aim to lose weight transformation, go for early morning fasted workouts to see maximum results.

If you want to build muscles with weight lifting trainging, afternoon workouts would do great justice.

However, if you want to relieve stress, try an evening workout to help unwind after a long, tiring day.

Benefits of Off-Peak Gym Hours

Besides avoiding the crowd, there are some other benefits of off-peak gym hours.

when is the best time of day to workout

Less Crowded

One of the major reasons why people go off-peak is its less crowded and you don’t have to wait in line for the equipment. There are fewer distractions and more focus on your end goals.

Better Access to Equipment

Imagine the gym is full of people wanting to run on a treadmill. How exhausting! When there’s less crowd, you’re free to get your hands on the weights, machines, benches, and anything you need.

A More Peaceful Environment

Working out at the gym demands dedication and devotion. And you cannot be dedicated at a crowded place where people are constantly asking you to share your weights and equipment every few minutes.

Off-peak hours at the gym provide a quieter and serene environment to focus on your workout sessions.

More Flexibility

Off-peak hours at the gym allow more flexibility with your busy schedule so you can take your sweet time with your workout.

This way, you can also schedule your gym sessions around your work, family, or other professional or personal commitments.

Note: Ask a staff member about your gym’s off-peak hours or track their website for more details.

Final Thoughts

Now you know when is the best time to go to the gym because the key to a smooth gym experience is avoiding the rush hours and utilizing the off-peak hours to achieve your fitness goals.

When it comes to choosing the ideal gym routine, there’s no one-size-fits-all. The best time to go to the gym depends on many factors, including your work hours, fitness goals, crowd comfort, and chronotype. However, if you can choose off-peak hours, you definitely should because it provides better access to equipment and offers more guidance and flexibility that ultimately leads to better consistency .

Expert trainers recommend experimenting with different options and finding what works best for you.


What time are gyms least busy?

  1. Most gyms are least busy during:
  2. Early morning: 5 am to 7 am
  3. Lunch hours: 12 pm to 2 pm
  4. Early evenings: 5 pm to 7 pm

However, off-peak hours depend on your gym location.

Is it better to work out on an empty stomach?

If you’re trying to burn fat and lose weight, it’s better to work on an empty stomach. Fasted exercise also improves insulin sensitivity. However, consulting your dietician is recommended.

What time is no one at the gym?

You may never find an empty gym to workout since it’s not almost impossible. However, there are a few time slots where the gym is least crowded, such as early morning, after lunch hours, and early evenings.

What is the slowest day at the gym?

Mondays and Fridays are usually the least busiest days at the gym. However, it depends on the location of your gym and the type of clients it caters to. Therefore, it’s best to ask a staff member to visit your gym’s website to know about slower days.

What time should I go to the gym if I don’t like crowds?

If you don’t enjoy crowds, it’s best to hit the gym in the early morning or early evening to avoid the crowd.