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Train Your Way With Calgary's Finest Fitness Facilities

All Time Fitness is an innovative gym, fully equipped with modern facilities that take you closer to your fitness goals. Our special gym features and amenities are designed to upgrade your overall training experience.

From treadmills to advanced HIIT machines, we have just about every cardio machine to get your heart pumping. We also have a dedicated powerlifting zone with the best weightlifting platforms, squat racks and free weights. In addition, our members can choose from a variety of customized fitness programs.

As for our post-workout services, you can freshen up in our luxurious locker rooms featuring spacious changing areas, private showers and only the best toiletries. We have everything you need to feel comfortable and energized after an intense session.
Let's Get Moving!

Why Join AllTimeFitness

All Time Fitness offers more than just equipment in Calgary – it’s your key to unlocking a healthier, happier you. Here’s how we empower your fitness journey:

24/7 Accessibility

At All Time Fitness, you never have to miss a workout ever again. With our 24/7 accessibility feature, you can squeeze in a workout whenever your schedule allows.

Personal Trainer

We offer one-on-one training programs for those who prefer individual guidance. Our certified personal trainers make workout plans specifically designed for your fitness needs

Custom Meal Plans

We provide custom meal plans, taking your preferences, dietary needs and lifestyle into account. You can book free on-site consultations with our registered dietitian twice a week.

Our Exceptional Range of Equipment

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands offer a full-body workout that tones muscles and increases flexibility, making them a valuable addition to our gym.


Treadmills aid in fat burn and weight loss while boosting your heart health. This makes them one of the most effective gym equipment.

Free Weights

Free weights allow you to build more than just muscle. They improve your overall balance and offer endless exercise variations.

Battle Ropes

Battle Ropes

Battle ropes help in burning calories, improving athletic performance and building and toning muscles. You can achieve all this with just one dynamic tool.

Rowing Machines

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines build muscle strength, burn fat and improve heart health. Rowers get the benefits of both cardio exercise and strength training.



Ellipticals offer low-impact workouts that burn calories and tone muscles. They are also great for your cardiovascular health.

Weight Benches

Weight Benches

Weight benches provide a stable platform for exercises like bench presses and rows, helping you maintain proper form and build muscle strength.

Power Racks

Power Racks

Squat racks act as your mechanical spotters. They allow safe, solo weightlifting for exercises like squats, presses and pull-ups.

Cardio Equipment

Cardio Equipment

Cardio equipment like treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes help strengthen your heart and lungs for better overall health.

Suspension trainer

Suspension Trainers

Suspension trainers help in building strength, improving mobility, developing core stability, all while shedding fat and burning calories.

Weighted Sleds


Weighted sled training is a resistance exercise that builds lower body strength, burns body fat and improves speed.

Stability Balls


Stability balls offer a fun way to improve balance, tone muscles and strengthen your core. They are also used in physical therapy sessions.

Spin Bikes


Spin bikes burn calories, strengthen your heart and tone your muscles. They offer a low-impact fun cycling experience.



Dumbbell training targets a wide range of muscle groups. It promotes muscle growth, weight loss, improved balance and helps build a stronger heart.

Cable Machines

Cable machines offer a wide range of motion and constant resistance throughout exercises. They help you build strong and lean muscles.